A Fish Out Of Water

Hi! My name is Rosie, and I'm what you call a fish out of water. I grocery shop with you, we take our kids to the same school, and I laugh at your jokes. We've even had little get togethers and it's been fun. But the more you get to know me, the more you [...]

Dancing In The Fire

I love the idea of easing into my day-I’d wake up naturally from the sound of gentle rain tapping on a slightly opened window. I’d slip on a silky robe, walk downstairs and pour a cup of fresh coffee. I’d walk outside to sit on the front porch, not worried about the way I look… [...]

If The Singing Stops

Every Sunday morning for over 25 years, I'd open up a hymn book and sing. Great Is Thy Faithfulness, Amazing Grace, How Great Thou Art-all the classics. I sang these songs so much, I could probably chant em backwards, and often revert to them when rocking a sick baby to sleep or humming mindlessly through [...]