Whoops! A baby in the bathtub (Jojo’s birth story)

Josephine Clare was born on a Tuesday at 4:20am, January 28th, 2014. Two days prior, the electricity went out in our little apartment …. and I had a total meltdown. I will not forget the intense passion I was experiencing while sternly reprimanding Ben he needed to get that fixed and he needed to get that fixed ASAP. Even though myContinue reading “Whoops! A baby in the bathtub (Jojo’s birth story)”

Rough Mornings

This morning was so rough that I thought that the world was coming to an end.  (It wasn’t, by the way…sleepless nights can make you feel terrible things! Young children, ya know!)  But do you feel that way at times? , Where the fiery darts don’t seem to be slowing down, or where the “to do”Continue reading “Rough Mornings”

If Jesus Showed Up.

Have you ever been asked this question, “Would Jesus approve if he showed up?” My response used to be feelings of fear, guilt, and shame. Let me give you a short synopsis of my thoughts…. No. He’d be so disappointed in me reading this tabloid magazine. I need to be reading the bible more. He definitely wouldn’tContinue reading “If Jesus Showed Up.”