Jesus still heals, today.

I understand that there are a lot of us out there who have trouble when it comes to seeing miraculous physical healing.

Can I preempt this post with saying that I totally understand?  That if you struggle with this concept, I am not expecting this post to dramatically change your beliefs?

I struggled with this concept for years.  I changed my beliefs on the matter several times.

This is my personal story, and I hope it brings encouragement.

Has anyone seen the book of Mormon? It follows two Mormon missionaries to Uganda who are ready to convert a tribe to their religion.

There is a scene where an African sings out in the midst of endless’gospel’ talk, that he still has maggots in his scrotum. That 80% of his tribe were dealing with aids. What was a Mormon going to do to change it?

That wasn’t the worst of their problems. The ‘gospel’ didn’t help their situation, at all.

This was basically the whole premise of the show, and while I laughed until I cried, it still hit a soft spot.

I don’t want a God that doesn’t care. I don’t want a God that doesn’t help. I don’t want a God who doesn’t come with power.

Do you?

The past year I’ve been on a quest to understand, claim, and practice physical healing.

I’ve been so thankful because not only have I seen countless miracles, I’ve experienced them many times in my own family home.

Today was no exception.

This morning we attended a birthday party at Bounce U with my 4 and 2 year old. They had the time of their life, until one of them got hurt.

At first, I didn’t think much of it. It appeared that my oldest boy had somehow scraped the inside of his eye. It didn’t seem serious, and I thought a prayer and some ice would make the pain go away.

But it didn’t.

He didn’t enjoy his cake, 30 minutes later. (What 4 year old doesn’t enjoy cake?)

He barely ate his lunch.

He cried and kept asking me to pray again for his eye. This is unlike my son.

It was bloodshot and he could barely keep it open.

I prayed. Nothing happened.

I thought maybe a nap would fix the problem.

But when he woke up, he wouldn’t open his eye at all, and he was starting to scream in pain.

I prayed again. While it calmed him down some, it wasn’t taking away the pain. I was getting concerned, and I was about to rush to urgent care.

For my child to suddenly need urgent care for an eye that only seemed to be getting worse, was terrifying to me.

It’s not that I have ANYTHING against doctors (I am SO thankful for them!!) it’s just that I wanted to go God’s route, like we have successfully done so many times before.

My son was hurting. That crushes a mother’s soul faster than anything else on the planet.

I asked Ben to bring our neighbor over to pray for our son before we decided on any further action.

(For those of you who don’t know, God put these backyard neighbors in our life right when we needed it most. Our neighbors are on a very similar journey to us and are always more than happy to pray and fellowship at any given moment.)

A few short moments later, my son was instantaneously healed after our neighbor lovingly prayed over my sons eye.

I believe that while he prayed, Jesus came and kissed my sons eye.


Two minutes after his healing, we were outside playing and enjoying the beautiful day. 

Can you imagine what that did to my heart?  I wish I could replay the scene right here for you all to witness, just to see the love and compassion that was happening in that room, on that couch, in that moment.

It doesn’t take much for Jesus. It was never hard for him, and it still isn’t hard for him today.

It is my wish for all of God’s people to start claiming what is rightfully theirs because of what the scriptures say.

Jesus loves us so much, and he hasn’t changed since he ascended. He is still very much a healer and a lover to all souls, regardless if saved or not. He is in the business of dong good and healing all that are oppressed of the devil.

Jesus is a friend, a healer, and a very present help in trouble. He is not far away and is ready to comfort and to restore what was lost.

As he would say,

“Be not afraid, only believe”


Today, I’m Claiming What’s Mine: Peace

The last two days my eyes have been twitching.

Ben says I’m stressed.

Besides still facing the hardship of unemployment, we are preparing to sell our home and move to the other side of town. (I know, those two statements don’t usually go together… Right? But we’re crazy and we like to live on the wild side.)

Ben’s brother is moving in with us, and for a while, he will sleeping on our couch.


because my mom moved in with us last month, and she’s in our third bedroom.

(PS: I love family, and am SOO happy to have them with us. My mom is nothing but an absolute gem, and my kids are going to PEE their pants when they realize uncle d will be here to stay. They are kind of obsessed.)

School started up again and one of my courses is titled business law. The first day kind of made my head spin.

In addition to planning some upcoming trips,

there have been two other MAJOR  life changes that have happened within the last month.

oh and also, I’m raising two young children.

Ben says I’m stressed.

I know for a fact that many of you are going through a lot right now, too.

Um, because, NO ONE is immune to life…. And life involves like, stuff. You know?

But it wasn’t until bible study the other night where I realized I needed more peace in my life.

The kind of peace that stills your heart in the midst of change .

The kind of peace that is founded on faith that God is already on the other side of the hill and he sees the green pastures.

The kind of peace that stills twitching eyes.

I wouldn’t change any of this “stuff” for the world. Not even the loss of Ben’s job, because it has refined our faith. I’m pretty sure we are completely different people than who we were just 3 months ago .

But I’ve realized that recently that after I pray, I start dissecting on how everything is hopefully going to work out, and our bodies are just not meant to carry that kind of burden.

My dear self, don’t you know God promises peace, and it doesn’t depend on circumstances?


the best part about that is,

It’s already ours.

It is a peace that passes all human understanding.

Like literally, all human understanding.

That’s ours to claim.

A peace that stills troubled waters.  A peace that digs in to all the corners of your heart and allows your body to breathe.

I’m claiming that today, because God sees the end view, and I choose to rest in that hope.

2 Thessalonians 3:16 (NLT)

Now may the Lord of peace himself, give you his peace at all times and in every situation. The Lord be with you all.