First Time Here

If this is your first time here, welcome! This site is dedicated to three types of Christians.

1.) “New Christians”  who are unsure of what life should look like. We will explore questions together that look like this:

“Why am I still struggling with sin?”

“Do miracles and healings really happen?”

“Am I really saved and does he now require something from me?”

“Does Jesus know who I am and does he really want to help me?”

I can’t wait to do this with you….I believe God has a purpose for your life and I can’t WAIT to show you how valuable you are to him.

He loves you friends, and he is thrilled that you are even asking these questions. So am I!

2.) “Old” Christians who have been hurt by religion. We will explore questions together that look like this:

“Why was I so deeply hurt by my church?”

“Does God believe in miracles, and can he do them for me?”

“Why is it hard for me to only see the wrong in any Church I try to become a part of?”

It is hard to find a place where you feel safe to fully be yourself and explore God right where you are at and know that you will be loved regardless. Here, you will find that I accept and cherish you, wherever you are in your own personal journey.

3.) Christians who have low self esteem

This one hits a little more personal for me. I had self esteem issues for a very long time. I believed I was worth what I did. My worth was in the number I saw on the scale and the number of friends I had. When those numbers changed, my worth changed. So here, we will explore things like:

1.) How Praise & Worship can heal your self esteem.

2.) Why you do not have to change yourself for the better.

3.) Why Jesus should be your first friend.

I believe God  beautifully made you with that crooked nose and he is putting you through a journey where the end is a relationship with him and his son, Jesus. Watch what Jesus does for you friends, it’s going to be really exciting.

If you look around and you do not find what you are looking for, please contact me. I am not afraid of any question and we can find your answer in the bible, together*


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